1. Download

    • Synapse for Mac

              Just plug your Kinect into your USB port (make sure it’s plugged into the wall,too), run the Synapse app, and you’re good to go!
              Requirements: Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion

    • Synapse for Windows

              Installing on Windows is a bit more of a pain. Instructions here. Because all of this driver installation is such a pain, I can’t support you if you have trouble getting the Windows version to run, sorry.

    • Ableton Live Example Set + M4L Patches

              Includes all Max for Live patches for connecting with Synapse/Kinect.
              To run the example project, open “dubkinect.als” in Ableton Live. To start the bass note playing, bind a skeleton and hit both hands outward, like a conductor silencing an orchestra.
              Requirements: Ableton Live 8.2.2 or higher

    • Quartz Composer example project + plugins (Mac only)

              This is for if you want to create visuals in Quartz Composer.
              To install: put SynapseKinect.plugin and qcOSC.plugin in <username>/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/.  If that directory does not exist, create it.  Do not put them in “Quartz Composer Patches”.
              To run the example project: While Synapse is running, run “quartz_passthrough_plus”, then open “kinect test” in Quartz Composer.

    • Jitter plugin (Mac only, sorry)

              This is for if you want to create visuals in Max/MSP/Jitter. Check the readme for info.

    Source code can be found here.

    7 months ago